INNOMERKONOMIT -new learning method for business students

Developing a new strongly work based learning method of teaching business students focusing on entrepreneurship, lifelong learning skills and use of new learning tools (mobile devices, social media, cloud-based services)
Planning and implementing a new pedagogical approach to training business and administration students. The purpose of the method is to support students development into future entrepreneurs.

Learning objectives defined in the curriculum were executed as much as possible through actual cases designed with entrepreneurs. New social media and mobile learning tools were introduced and build as a core competence of the students in order to ensure the mastering of 21st century learning and working skills.

Role: Expert in Active pedagogies and use of mobile devices and social media in learning, expert in entrepreneurial learning
Country: Finland
Time: 2011-2015
Sponsor: Finnish National Agency for Education
Organisation: Omnia, the joint authority of education in Espoo region